L'Eau Sézane

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L’Eau Sézane, it is the fragrance of the fresh air, a new soft and heady scent… to wear on oneself or to spray at home.

This very feminine perfume is a marriage of citrus fruits with the lightness of a floral bouquet. A dash of Neroli oil paired with transparent jasmin and peony petals. The aftermath of L’Eau Sézane is a blend of light wood coated in a veil of musc. It sits in the air just like sunbeams in the late afternoon…

• Eau de toilette
• 260ml
• Vaporizer
• L’Eau Sézane, composed with love by Jerome di Marino
• Notes: Floral, green, powdered, honeyed
• Essence (Neroli): Floral, orange blossom, green
L'Eau Sézane cannot be shipped out of France for now or sold in stores in the U.S.
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Available in one size.