demain begins today.

#DEMAIN is giving a little bit back, appreciating what life offers us every day, and helping children whose prospects are unfairly disadvantaged.

I want to begin this new year by inviting you to support a project close to my heart: one that creates meaning and purpose behind my story.

In 2018, Sézane is celebrating our 5 year anniversary. This anniversary is an opportunity to express to you my gratitude, but also to look towards the future; it is an opportunity to commit myself and Sézane to making the future brighter by giving more every day to children whose prospects are unfairly disadvantaged.

Like so many of you, the feeling that one cannot change things or make a difference has often discouraged me... until last year, when our 'La Femme' t-shirt raised more than 150,000€ for UN Women. Around then, I also had the opportunity to meet Martine Brousse, President of the charity La Voix de L’Enfant – an organization that implements projects in over 100 countries to help underpriviledged children. Martine has shown for over 30 years that every little gesture adds up, and that in reality we can make a big difference.

I am so happy to announce the launch of DEMAIN, a charity initiative which – I hope – will help us raise funds of over 1 million euros in 2018, to go towards concrete projects that improve access to education, culture, and equal opportunities for children around the world…
With your help, we hope to move towards a more level playing field for these children, to help broaden their horizons, and to shake things up – while making a real difference.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, thank you in advance for your support, and thank you for allowing Sézane be more than just a fashion brand as we work together to make tomorrow a better place with #DEMAIN.

Morgane Sézalory

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DEMAIN in three ways

  • The 21st Appeal

    On the 21st of each month, a new design will be introduced, the profits from which will go directly to our partner charities for DEMAIN. In addition, 10% of sales that day will be donated to the projects supported by DEMAIN.

  • The Charity Boutique

    From worn and loved Sézane pieces to prototypes and samples: everything will be sold in our new charity boutique to support our DEMAIN projects. The opening is planned for March in Paris.

  • Time and Actions

    Our Sézane team is committed too, by devoting their time each month to volunteer for charities supported by DEMAIN.

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Every action adds up to make a big difference!

On the 21st of every month, discover a new DEMAIN design.

DEMAIN T-shirt


On the 21st of each month, we will introduce a new design inspired by DEMAIN. The profits from this piece will go directly to our charity initiative in aid of children’s education.

Discover our charity t-shirt for the month of January!



La Voix de l’Enfant

Discover our first partner

DEMAIN is an encounter: one with Marine Brousse, president of La Voix de L’Enfant, who has proven over the past 30 years that little gestures all add up, and that in reality we can do so much.
Discover here her interview.

Today La Voix de L’Enfant is a federation of 80 independent charities that organize and implement concrete projects in 101 countries around the world, with one clear goal: "Listening to and protecting any child in distress, whoever they may be and wherever they may be."

The 21st

Discover our January Capsule
On the 21st of each month, 10% of the profits will be given to DEMAIN

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