Guillaume Zuili


A professional photographer born in Paris in 1965, Guillaume Zuili now lives in Los Angeles. His exhibition Scrap Metals in our Parisian Appartement is the chance for us to paint a portrait of this unique artist, who brings something entirely new and different to the world of photography.
Everything started in India where Guillaume Zuili was travelling between 1986 and 1995. Over there, he fell in love with photography, and this is where his learning began. Artist and photographer, he likes working with silver photography and how it deforms, intervening when taking and developing the photos to create his images.
This journey inspired his first book, which came out in 2003 in the Chêne editions: Pondichéry, Chandernagor, Mahé, Karibal et Yanaon, where he shows his interest in French encounters in India. Exotic names, nostalgia, emotions, adventure and an invitation to take a trip in time and place… We cannot get enough of Guillaume Zuili, who gives us a reinterpretation of this mysterious and fascinating country. He begins to question history and its effects, and this subject later becomes a huge focus point in his work.
After India, Guillaume Zuili begins to tackle urban spaces: he goes to Paris, Berlin and then Moscow. He superimposes images to tell stories and the effects of History on the cities. He even superimposes eras onto his photos. His oeuvre has beautiful composition, giving his style a surrealist feel. Guillaume Zuili creates a world full of dreams in his photography.
The artist’s recent work is based around the Californian myth and the iconic symbols associated. For Guillaume Zuili, California has become a place without a past, constantly getting rid of the past to make the most of what is new and profitable. Throughout his photos, he recreates the myth, reviving the symbols and reconstructing the decor from the American dream. His pieces are among the contemporary work coming out at the end of the year with his book Smoke and Mirrors in Los Angeles.
For this Autumn 2017 collaboration, the gallery is presenting Scrap Metal, an exhibition by Guillaume Zuili, produced in 2010. Here, it is the car – a symbol of wealth and prosperity in the Ford era, associated with the industrialisation of America. This is his subject. But it is not his normal style, with very few deformities in the images, the colors and shapes speak for themselves. This superimpositions go on forever, set in a beautiful context of the Californian desert and evoking rather a César’s palace rather than a sky scraper.
Come and discover his work at L'Appartement, 1 rue Saint Fiacre 75002, from Wednesday to Saturday, 11am to 8pm.