Sézane, Committed 

"Since day one, I’ve been conscious that our actions today will determine the future of our children, and indeed the planet, tomorrow. It is this awareness that defines our choices - the choice to do things well, the choice to place the human first, and the choice to act.

Each decision taken at Sézane is made according to these choices, with respect for the human above all, and a sensitivity to our planet whose fragility can no longer be ignored.

The path to ‘perfection’ (if it exists), may be long, but nonetheless, it is this 
ideal that guides our actions. To constantly raise our standards and continue by your side - writing an endless and meaningful story. To ensure that tomorrow will be better than today. And of course, to report to you constantly on our engagements, even if they are still insufficient"

Morgane Sézalory


Committed to doing things well

We elect to do things well. It's a choice, but it is also a duty from which we have never deviated. We have scoured the world, searching for the finest materials, production facilities and expertise so that we can offer, not only the finest pieces but also those which last.

We take care of our partners, our staff, our customers, and by definition, of the world around us. Actions before words, substance before form, the "made how" rather than the "made in". It's our “Permanent Work in Progress", our commitment to implement and to share with you our improvements, small or large. To ensure that Sézane never rests on its laurels. To measure the path ahead of us and the fashion industry as a whole.

Committed to the human  ​

More than the "made in" we’ve always chosen to concentrate on the "made how". Across the world, we select our production facilities carefully, based on their expertise and the standard of their working conditions. We visit and audit them each year, to ensure that they reflect our values and meet all standards imposed by the certifications that we have selected (BSCI, SEDEX, ISO 14001,WCA). Beyond that, we form personal, privileged relationships with every single supplier to form trust-based, long-term relationships. More than simply focusing on where an item is made, we have chosen to address how it is made, no matter which country our items are assembled in. At present, two-thirds of our designs are produced in Europe, and the rest across the globe when this option is more appropriate, with our decisions being guided by expertise, the quality of working conditions and the supply of materials. True to our origins and the values that define us, it is our commitment to do things well, working hand in hand with each partner whether in India, France, China, Italy, Morocco, Peru or Portugal, in order to respect ‘L’Art et la Manière’ everywhere in the world.

Committed to the planet 

From Day 1, through our decision to do things well, Sézane has committed itself to offer the best possible alternative fashion. Thanks to a dedicated team, we’ve created a new collection for Spring 2019, created from 85% natural materials, 10% of which have a low environmental footprint (flax, Modal, Tencell, Cupro and Lyocell fibres). The proportion of synthetic materials used in our collections has been reduced to just 15% in 36 months.

Our aim is to achieve zero waste across all fabrics that we order, with any remainders being used to create new designs. We’ve reduced the percentage of packaging and plastic. All our cardboard box manufacturing has been switched to FSC-certified and/or recycled cardboard.

One-third of our leather goods are produced using vegetable tanning methods, which is less polluting than traditional tanning.  It is our ambition to increase this percentage to three-quarters by the end of 2019.

To learn more about our sustainability program, visit our dedicated site.

Committed to act

The commitment to human beings is also that of supporting fundamental causes. With the ASAO association in Senegal, UN-women and, since 2017 with children through our philanthropic program DEMAIN that supports education-focused initiatives, access to culture and fairness of opportunity. An unprecedented program that in 2018 enabled more than €1m to be transferred to Voix de l’Enfant, Sport dans la Ville and Pencils of Promises, and provide support to more than 7,000 children.

How DEMAIN works:

1 / The creation of a ‘solidarity’ product each month, from which 100% of profits are donated.

2 / The ‘Call of 21st’ every month, in which 10% of the days total profits are donated.

3 / The ‘Boutique Solidaire’in Paris, in which our preloved pieces are sold and recycled, 100% of benefits of which are donated to DEMAIN.

Learn more about DEMAIN, and all our projects here