Je(u) amoureux

These striking pieces were inspired by the natural flexibility and texture of raffia palm, which we have reproduced in plated-gold. The maker's mark stamp certifies their authenticity.

Je(u) de plage

Inspired by sea-shells and moulded by our master craftsman, these pieces have been painstakingly crafted to reproduce the natural details of the shell. 

Je(u) végétal

Inspired by plants, these idiosyncratic pieces were moulded from the leaves of the mimosa plant, each of which has its own unique character. 

Je(u) de couleurs

Exquisite, deep colours to decorate your hands, these pieces are set with delicate fine stones that bring soul and character to your outfits.


The French Way To Say:
All the world’s a stage

Cercle de Je(u)

With ethnic inspirations, these unique pieces are handmade from natural materials and beautifully polished wood.



Je(u) d'enfant

Bright, effervescent pieces to stack and collect, twist-around, mix-and-match.

Je(u) d'or

These delicate pieces in solid 9-carat gold are imprinted by hand in our Italian workshop. Choose a letter that means something special to you, form a sweet word ... let your imagination run free.

Je(u) me souviens

The lineage, history and details, which reveal the savoir-faire of our master craftsmen.

Let's take the game up a level. 

You didn’t think it was just about the accessories did you? Rendez-vous this Monday, 4th February for the lookbook Act II: the outfits.  Grand looks for big days and even bigger nights. Dress up, play on, all the world’s a stage.