• You can pay for your order via:
    - Credit/Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express)
    - Bank Transfer: Sofort (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland) and iDEAL (The Netherlands)
    - Paypal
    - Gift card and online gift card
    - Credit notes

    We suggest that you save your payment details on our website when you place an order. This will speed up any purchases you make in the future. To change any of these details, go to the ‘My Account/My Payment Info’ page.

    Our website doesn’t allow you to pay for items in instalments.
  • We never keep any of your bank account details. Transactions on our website are handled by a secure payment platform managed by our partner, ADYEN. Any payments you make on our site are totally secure.
  • To use your credit note or gift card, you just have to enter the code in the ‘Discount voucher/Shop credit’ field of your basket. You will also find a drop-down menu showing all of your available shop credit funds.
  • You can check your online gift card balance on the ‘My Account/Online Gift Card’ page.

    If you have paid for an order that is lesser than the value of the balance on your online gift card/credit note, the difference will be automatically credited back to either within one hour.

    If you have paid for an order with a physical gift card with a balance greater than the total value of the purchase, please contact our Customer Service department at hello@sezane.com, who will be able to credit the difference to your gift card.
  • Your bank account will be debited as soon as your order is confirmed.
  • If your payment wasn’t successful, please try completing your order with another method of payment.

    If this doesn’t work, and you cannot complete your purchase, please contact our Customer Service department at hello@sezane.com. Our team will be delighted to help you.
  • Your invoices are visible on the ‘My Account/My Orders’ page. You simply have to click on the order to download the invoice for it.
  • Our site doesn’t allow you to make tax deductions on purchases.