Woman of Cuba

Meet the effervescent Karina. The Cuban local and model/DJ was scouted by our team in the streets of Havana, in February, on the set of our spring pre-collection.

Discover her Cuba!

"Since I was little I've always had a very eclectic style. I also love to include Caribbean colours and elements. This spring, I want to wear lots of prints!"


¿Qué bolá?

Karina's favorite Cuban expression, meaning "What's up?" ;)


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A Life in Havana

What are you up to? What’s your next plan?
I am currently focused on my modelling and DJing careers. Music has always been my passion and after graduating from the Conservatory of Music (clarinet and piano) I was interested in exploring a less classical field. 

What was it like growing up in Cuba?
My childhood in Cuba was happy and carefree. In Cuba, you breathe culture and art. It is something that's everywhere, and from a very early age, you begin to absorb it. 

What's the most significant cultural change you've noticed in Cuba?
I think the most significant thing is the possibility of cultural exchange with other countries, which previous generations did not have. It's happening in almost all artistic spheres and that's great because it's here where art is nurtured.

What's the biggest misconception people have about Cuba?
It's difficult to generalize- But briefly (because if you ask a Cuban to talk about Cuba then you'll be here forever) I will tell you that one of the things that most surprises those who visit us is how safe it is here. Oh and that not all Cubans know how to dance salsa!  Something else I see frequently is a false idea that we Cubans are all the same. Let's say I would be that prototype (my colouring, my hair, my feature).  When they arrive here they are surprised how diverse Cubans are. If something characterizes us, it is this mixture and diversity.

Dreams for your Havana?
My Havana is magical. I would like to see it neater and cleaner for sure, but even so, you can see the beauty in its disorder, it's architecture and all the history it hides



THE place to be in Havana?
"I love El Parque Histórico Militar Morro-Cabaña for its beautiful panoramic view of the city's coastline and its history.

The terrace of my house is pretty great too! ;)"


Cuban music to add to our playlists?
"I love Habana de Primera, a Cuban salsa group that I'm a big fan of." 

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