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Alex Noiret 

This week join us in the L.A sunshine with good friend of Sézane Alex Noiret. French-born, L.A based model and lifestyle blogger talks about everything summer and shares some of her favourite pieces from our Summer Collection.

You have French roots just like Sézane! What are your childhood memories of summer in France? 
"Familiar, warm, colourful, magical, formative memories! Each summer was spent in Pyla, a small beach town about an hour from Bordeaux. Summer memories in Pyla are what I treasure the most - filled with my grandma’s love and sweet fruit tarts, the smell of clean laundry, the sound of my cousins knocking on our door (they only lived a few houses down from ours, and together we’d go to the beach to hunt crabs or catch waves), hours spent drawing dresses (exploring fashion, influenced by my grandma’s many runway magazines), going to farmer’s markets, and sneaking out to go on adventures with friends. Full of life!"

How does summer in France compare to L.A.?  
"Summers in France remind me of my roots — my home, my family, the food and the way of life. Summers in Los Angeles are sun-filled, laid back and full of creative energy, but they don’t hold the same emotional connection as in France."

Is there a particular scent, or taste which instantaneously reminds you of summer? 
"YES! Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune by Guerlain. It was the first scent my grandma gave to me, as a young girl. I still love it. That, and the smell and feel of hanging laundry dried by the sun. Sweet and crunchy. Heaven!" 

Summer suits you! Is it the season that inspires you the most?  
"Spring and early summer are two of my favourite seasons, for the initial excitement, sunshine, bright colours and varieties of flowers and fruits. Especially in France — summertime is like candy for the eyes and taste buds." 

Do you have any tips for travelling green this summer? 
"Using reusable products is a great way to travel green! Try bringing a reusable water bottle (most airports have fountains just for this!), reusable utensils, eating at restaurants rather than to-go and avoiding plastic straws. It’s not about being perfect, but trying to make better choices whenever you are able to. As Anne Marie Bonneau (@zerowastechef) would say, “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero-waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” (Also, follow @stevieyayyy for all things green, shared with love.)" 

If you could only take five items away with you on holiday what would they be?
"A floral midi dress for daytime and evening, a pair of espadrilles, a swimsuit, my film camera, favourite cream blush, to look sun-kissed without damaging the skin with too many rays." 

You currently reside in LA, but what do you miss the most about France? 
"The incredible transportation, and therefore, spontaneity when spending time with friends. L.A. is very car-driven, traffic-heavy and big in terms of layout, so it can be difficult to get together with friends without a week or two’s notice. That’s just one thing." 


Where in the world do you feel the most alive and free? 
"Without a doubt, France. It feeds my soul in a very grounding way. On the other hand, L.A. is very open-minded and creative, accepting and encouraging new ideas and endeavours. As a creative person, working in the fashion industry, L.A. feels very freeing as well, perhaps in a more work-oriented way."

How do you unwind and completely relax over your summer break? 
"This is the first summer in years where I’m not obsessing with overworking, what I do, where I go and whether it’s “enough.” I think Instagram promotes this idea that faster and bigger is better. But I don’t buy it because I’ve tried that route, and it feels empty. Realizing slower and smaller is more fulfilling, has been the key to being able to relax and truly enjoy my surroundings. To savour, we must go slowly. :)"

Can you share any particular self-care practices that you weave into your daily routine? 
"I always wash and moisturize my face first thing in the morning and then try to get in some exercise — even on vacation! I’ll do some jump rope and barre moves on the floor. As for nutrition, I try to listen to my body. I am fairly lazy and “gourmande” by nature, but when I do these things, I always feel better. In the evening, I take off my makeup and moisturize again."

When do you feel the most powerful in life? 
"When I feel proud of the woman I am, without feeling the need to explain myself, be validated or understood. I can be very hard on myself, though, which makes these moments of recognition that much sweeter."

"Il faut se faire la vie belle"


When do you feel the most vulnerable? 
"When I recognize my faults and shortcomings, or when I put my thoughts and heart into the world (often in a caption!). However, some of the best things in life come from vulnerability — connection, understanding, feeling united. As scary as it can be, I love vulnerability and embrace it."

How do you deal with any pressures which derive from your life being so visible on social media? 
"I try to be as true as I can to who I am. If I feel authentic to the values I care about, there isn’t as much pressure. However, there is a certain paradox that exists. Being my truest self on social media feels right and fulfilling. Yet, the more I cater to the side of my modelling career (posting flattering images of myself), the more I feel the responsibility and guilt of creating an image that may potentially harm women. Because social media is an enormous platform for my modelling career, I continue to share my images, but I also try to share parts of myself in other ways — in writing, for example. I’m still figuring it out!"

What qualities of Sézane resonate with you the most? 
"I love the positive energy and impact Sézane strives for and puts out into the world. Sézane represents the woman that has style, heart, and soul, but is still soft and feminine and collectively dominating (in a good way) the world, just the same. I probably resonate most with these qualities because they are also what I love about myself — strong, with a will to do good, but soft at the same time."

What are your favourite Sézane pieces? 
"The Will jacket as a staple, any of the beautiful leather bags, and the romantic cotton embroidered Mariane blouse."


Can you teach our non-Frenchie readers a phrase in French you love or doesn’t exist in other languages? 
“Il faut se faire la vie belle,” is a phrase my grandma would always repeat to me. It means, “You need to create a beautiful life for yourself.” Meaning, life will only be beautiful if you create it to be. No one else can do it for you. Voilà!"

What are you most grateful for? 
"My desire to find good in the world; my incredible and loving husband, who is possibly the greatest human I’ve ever met; the people who bring joy, friendship, support and inspiration to my life; my orange tabby cat, Oliver, whom I love; the time I have on Earth and the journey that’s been so far."

Do you have a mantra in life?  
" Lately, “Kindness is cool.” There is no cooler thing than caring about others and being kind."


Merci Beaucoup Alex xxx

If you want to discover more about Alex, you can follow her blog and Insta. 

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