Vanessa Breuer

Mother, Model & Healthy Chef

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Who is Vanessa ?

I was born in Germany but I never really felt like i belonged there. i started working from 11 first as a cleaner and later with 14 as a model and from then on I loved to travel and see the world. I feel like I never want to stop growing, like there is so much to discover and explore in this world, it is hard for me to sit still. At the moment I am very happy to be in the place I am right now. I have a beautiful husband and two wonderful children that can drive me mad at times but that i absolutely love. I used to live in New York and Sydney and when I had my first daughter I realised I wanted to change my life completely and move somewhere more quiet and isolated. But I still like to have a good time so ibiza is kind of the perfect place for us. Most of my friends from all over the world have visited his over the last years as it is a good place that has many things to offer. I am not sure if we will always live here but we

Why are you living in Ibiza? 

To give my children a better life. Somewhere peaceful and relaxing, where they can be free and be ‘kids’. And also to be closer to my parents who live in Germany. 

How would you define the island in 3 words ?

Free spirited, multi cultural and absolutely stunning 

What are your favorite addresses?

I have many so we decided to write an EBook about it (stay tuned on my insta) but one of my favourite is ‚la paloma‘ 

What is your favorite beach?

My local beach s‘illot de Rencli... the water is absolute beautiful 

What is your favorite season in Ibiza?

May/June... everything is open and ‚alive‘ but it is not too

Living on an island: what does it change?

Well first of all you are on an island so you pay ;island prices‘, it’s not cheap living here but coming from Sydney and New York I am used to overpaying for certain things. The one massive difference is that you have to learn to be patient- everything takes much much longer and people have a different mentality towards working and making money. Most people here work to live and not live to work which I like. Island life also means to be a bit more isolated at times although I never really feel like that because my work takes me away almost weekly. But it certainly can feel like that for my husband sometimes he gets the ‘island feeling’ where he just needs to get off the island for a couple days and come back more recharged. We definitely  live in a ‘bliss bubble’ up here-of course there are negative things happening but I feel pretty safe in general.

What do you miss most about your city / country of origin?

I miss certain rituals that I grew up with.. for example having cake and coffee at 4 pm on sundays with grandparents and family or going to the bakery on the weekend for freshly baked read rolls. I absolutely love German bread. I could literally eat it all day long with a slab of butter or avocado. I also miss the German straight forwardness and punctuality sometimes.  It can be quiet funny how matter of fact we take things. It can drive my husband crazy. Hahahahah. I am not sure if I ever move back to Germany although sometimes I want to show my children a little bit more of the culture I grew up in so I could maybe see ourselves going back for a couple of years. But I am not sure... my husband loves the sun!

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