Friends of Sézane

Friends of Sézane

A Happier Holiday

In Conversation with Sophia Roe


As the end of the year approaches, we like to take stock. What are you feeling particularly grateful for this year? 

My assistant has been a calming, centring force in my life this past year and I’m extremely thankful to have this support. I’m also so grateful for my community. It’s a connection that’s constantly evolving and becoming deeper over time. The conversations and sense of belonging that social media creates is something that motivates me every day. 

You seem to have a really healthy relationship with your online presence. Tell us about that. 

It never ever feels like a burden to me, to be present on social media. I really see Instagram as a means of fostering community. People have always sought connection, and just because this has now migrated online makes it no less genuine. I also feel very empowered in the sense that I post what I want, when I want. 

"People have always sought connection, and just because this has now migrated online makes it no less genuine"


So part of your self-care is switching off? What else keeps you feeling centred? 


I think I must be one of the only New Yorkers who actually love taking the train. It’s my time to read, or to just sit quietly and think. A sense of quietness is key to me. 

I also apply a rule for myself; no mirrors after 7 pm. At this point, concentrating on my appearance serves no purpose. It’s a waste of mental energy. I also mark one hour of reading time and one hour of writing time into my schedule.

"It’s about people creating stories around food" 

Amen!  So, speaking of your work, what inspires your cooking? 

First and foremost I cook to survive! It’s so fundamental, it never feels like work. I’m inspired by multi-culturalism of New York. The beautiful fact of just having this huge city with so many people within it. You can get almost any type of food here, and everything becomes a fusion. I love that there is no ‘American food’, it’s a beautiful mix of everything and everyone. 

And what about French cuisine, that leans a little more on the side of tradition? 

It is, but it’s also about making food that they love. What’s yummy is yummy and I think that’s universal. It’s about people creating stories around food. 


Seasonally, do your food preferences change? 

The earth gives you what you need when you need it. Melons full of water in summer, nutrient-rich pumpkins in the fall & vitamin C packed citruses in the winter.  I honour this by shopping at the farmers market, which I realise not everybody can access. However, I do believe it is possible to be conscious of where our food comes from and what to eat when. Nature is incredible and if we follow the way the seasons guide us you can’t really go wrong.


"The earth gives you what you need when you need it"


Currently, what's your biggest source of inspiration? 

At the moment Japan. I love Japanese style- my grandmother was Japanese I love the  clothing, design, art, language, literature. Their art is an interesting nod to nostalgia.

Ok, it’s about us now! What are your favourite Sézane pieces this winter? 

The Will Jacket, without a doubt. I’m obsessed with the way I feel when I wear it. You instantly feel like you are in command. It’s just so good, it’s the perfect jacket. I feel so put together when I wear it. 

Every time you put on something from Sézane you feel finished. Like, you don’t need to add anything, you’re enough. Living in NYC, clothing has to take on a certai

Last but not least, how would you describe French style in one sentence?
Classic, simple, non-fussy elegance.

MERCI Sophia xx  

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