Who Are We? 

"Sézane is nothing other than a story of life; that takes form, is tested, reformed... A story of the men and women who help to write it. A story without end and full of meaning. Make, undo, redo, improve. Become the brand we desire to be at our essence."

Morgane Sézalory

Our story

Created in 2013 by Morgane Sézalory, Sézane is France’s first fashion brand born online. Yet, above all, Sézane is the fruit of a deeply held commitment. A commitment to offer the customer our undivided attention, with a promise that tomorrow will be better than today. A commitment to offer you the finest creations at the fairest prices, made to last and to be passed on. A commitment to our customers, teams, suppliers, children and to the planet on which we live.  
In order to realize these ideals, we’ve had to abandon the beaten track and invent an alternative route. Creating a new type of brand, born fully online. Where the absence of intermediaries would allow us to invest in quality; while maintaining accessible prices. A brand based on responsible stock volumes, in keeping with a lean production model. No overproduction, no sales, scrupulously considered pricing, nothing left unsold.

In 2017, we realized our commitment to improving the outcomes of disadvantaged children, with the creation of our philanthropic initiative DEMAIN. Through DEMAIN we have raised more than €1m for our partner organisations La Voix de l’Enfant, Sport dans la Ville and Pencils of Promise.

Because being a responsible brand is about action, 2019 will see us make every possible effort to be more committed to improvement than ever before. Engaged through DEMAIN, engaged with our responsibilities to our planet, and with you, to the improvement of all our products.
Morgane Sézalory, founder of Sézane

Whilst Sézane is above and beyond all the sum of all those women and men who have helped to build it; a brand, so determinedly alive and completely unique, it is also an extension of my personal story. 

The story of a girl born in Kinshasa, who arrived in a small town on the outskirts of Paris in the 1990’s. The story of a young woman impatient to know who she would become, and who would choose to leave school at 17 and finish her studies independently. A woman who would soon after, prefer to become autonomous, rather than seek the safety of university education. Who would create her own space full of freedom, creativity and in line with her own values. This, all made possible by the magic and freedom of the internet, and the infinite possibilities that such a tool could provide.
It’s the story of my need to create a safe space for my creativity, being the idealist that I am. Of an alternative fashion brand conceived in 2008 from a love of vintage clothing and bearing the signature Les Composantes. It is also, and above everything else, the fruit of a great passion. A passion that drives me to create- and through which I was able to launch Sézane – a contraction of my first name and surname in 2013. 

Sézane is, finally, the story of an inspiring and eternally supportive family. Of a dear grandmother who arrived in France from Algeria in ’48 and who raised her 9 children with such strength and elegance. Of my loving mother who – in spite of ups and downs – always impressed upon me one's capacity for delight. It’s the story of an older sister whose actions still guide my way, and of an older brother, who extended me sensitivity and protection, and who, by leaving us too soon, reminded me of the necessity to concentrate only on the essential – my passion & humanity.

The Inspiration

I am inspired by those that I love, the passing days, passions and images that have left their mark on me ... I am my younger years spent in Kinshasa, I am those nights spent putting the world right, I am my encounters with the wood from which we built boats, I am the music and landscapes that cradled my brother, sister and I, I am Memphis in O'brother style, Mina, Barry, Scarlett and all the others. I am the smiles of our beautiful mother, her life force, her saffron rice, I am the optimism of Mr Grand, I am Les Heures Parallèles, the magic and the ‘Why Mummy?’ of Nina & Olivia, a fan of Bob, Sixto and Moustaki...

“With eyes wide open and a thundering heart”.