Demain & Démos

We are proud to extend our solidarity program DEMAIN to music, thanks to our partnership with Démos. A cultural democratization project centred on the practice of music in an orchestra. Supported by the Paris Philharmonia, this program integrates young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in actual symphonic orchestras. The training lasts three years and is aimed at young people from 7 to 12 years old. In 2019, DEMAIN raised 85 000 euros to support an orchestra over three years.

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thanks to the DEMAIN program since 2019
  • Each child follows 3 to 4 hours of teaching a week as part of the social structure they usually follow.
  • Each rehearsal is lead by two professional musicians and a professional in the social field. Personalised timetables for groups of 2 to 3 children allows individual monitoring.
  • Once a month, all groups of children from the same area, meet for an orchestral gathering in the presence of a professional conductor who guides their progression.
  • At the end of the three years, half of the children choose to continue music at the music academy. The program ‘Démos’ helps the children to develop their concentration, gives them a taste of hard work, rigour and diligence and above all a sense of teamwork.
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