ByMorgane Sézalory

" Sézane is nothing other than a story of life, that takes form, is tested and reformed... A story of the men and women who help to write it. A story without end and full of meaning. Make, undo, redo, improve, become the brand we desire to be at our essence."

Each new season represents an evolution of sorts, an opportunity to discover and re-invent yourself, to shake up the air of the times. If I have had to wait so long for this renaissance it's because it has taken two years and a monumental amount of work to bring our vision to life. It's a new identity – or rather an identity rediscovered, an essence recaptured – a return to our roots. A return to the joy of creation, of finding treasures passed on through time, and spending hours composing forgotten worlds.

The essential does not change, it becomes clearer – to constantly raise our standards and, together with you by our side, continuing writing a story full of meaning.

Morgane Sézalory

“L’Art et la

It is an obsession: the desire to offer you the most beautiful creations, the desire to surprise you, to take care of you, and to be by your side season after season, with the promise that everything will always be better than before. We are our choices: this simple phrase inspires my every action, and my conviction that as we grow, we continue to position “L’Art et la Manière” at the heart of everything. Always.

"We are our Choices"
Jean-Paul Sartre

The choice to do things well

This is a story without end, with pieces that are designed to last, to be passed on, and concrete actions for change from day one.
Doing things well is both choice and a duty, and we have never deviated from it. Every season we scour the world in search of the very best materials, workshops and expertise in order to offer you not only the most beautiful pieces, but also those that are respectful of our values. From day one, we have taken care of our partners, teams and customers, as well as, by definition, the world around us. Every last metre of fabric is used, our archives and our charity shop limit any form of waste, our recycling activities support concrete actions, our charity programme DEMAIN builds the future of our children, while our Charity Boutique is an unprecedented place for collection, recycling and charity workshops. We are our choices and thus undertake concrete actions in order to assume our social responsibilities and limit our environmental impact.

The choice to place the human first

Doing things well is good, but it’s not enough. Our workshops are selected based on their expertise but also based on their compliance with the strict social and environmental standards that we demand. We select our workshops carefully, audit them regularly, and we visit them on site, however, more than anything else, we establish a sustainable, equitable and human relationship with them. In doing so they become not just our suppliers, but true partners.

More than the “made in”, our choice has always been to focus on the “made how”, and this applies to every country that our pieces are made in. It is expertise that guides our approach, and our responsibility is to do things well in every sense.

"The essential does not change, it becomes more focused – to constantly raising our standards and, together with you by our side, continue writing a story without end. A story full of meaning."

The choice to act

We have always carried this choice over into both our personal lives and Sézane, as well as through concrete actions. From the organisation ASAO in Senegal, through to UN Women and our commitment with DEMAIN, our significant charity programme.

« DEMAIN » supports concrete actions for the benefit of education, access to culture and the struggle for equal opportunities. Since January 2018, more than € 850,000 has already been raised and more than 7,000 children have benefited from the programme.

Our actions

1/ Every month, there is a new charity design, with the entire proceeds donated to DEMAIN
2/ Every month on the 21st, 10% of the day’s revenues are donated to DEMAIN
3/ Our Charity Boutique: An unprecedented venue for collection, recycling and workshops. A venue where both our old pieces and yours are brought, so as to be sold totally for the benefit of DEMAIN.

With every action adding up, we can do so much.
Visit the website https://www.sezane.com/demain

Discover DEMAIN, the Charity Store and all our projects

The origin

Having been an inveterate bargain-hunter since I was 14 years old, and after years of assembling and offering my finds through different platforms, in 2008, I finally created the Les Composantes website where, each month and by appointment, I would present my vintage selections.

Many of you were very quick to follow this story and your support encouraged me to develop my own designs and creations, pieces designed to be passed on, which present a real fashion alternative that is both desirable and affordable.

In 2013, I chose to redirect my work solely towards design – and this was the birth of SÉZANE, which is a contraction of both my first and last names.


I am completed and inspired by those I love, as well as by the days, emotions and images that have left their mark on me.
I am also defined by my younger years spent in Kinshasa, those nights spent putting the world right, my encounters with the wood from which we built boats, the music and landscapes that soothed my brother, my sister and I, Memphis in O'brother mode, Mina, Barry, Scarlett and all the others. The smiles of our beautiful mother, her life force, saffron rice, the optimism of Mr. Grand, falling for Helena Almeida or Japanese screens, Les Heures Parallèles, the magic and the why of Nina & Olivia, being a fan of Bob, Sixto and Moustaki.

With eyes wide open and a thundering heart.

Thank you!

Our customers
Charlotte, Francoise Ilham, Claire, Taylor, Ayako, amongst others, Thank you for being our very best ambassadors.

Our teams
The studio, production, logistics, web and customer service teams, as well as that in the boutique. Thank you to Irène, Laura, Adeline, Anne, Marie, Juliette, Lorraine, Audrey & Audrey, Carol, Marine, Nina, Imène, Margaux, Anne-k, Beatriz, Sébastien, Romain and Alexander, amongst others.

Our workshops
Ricky, Thien Tu, Juan, Alfred, Roberta, Beata, Silvia, Marie-France, Paolo, Benjamin and Sophie, amongst others, who enable us to bring our drawings to life before our eyes, which are always astonished.

Our friends and families
Our forever friends, those who forgive our delays and share in our joys. And those we meet along the way, including the photographers, models, geniuses of the craft and artists, amongst others.

Credits @fantinereucha