Natural materials, vegetable-tanning, independent certifications… Our new collection is our most sustainable yet: 40% of our materials are eco-friendly making it 4 X more sustainable than our previous collection. Actions that form conscious fashion and ensure the planet we leave our children is a better place.


Organic cotton limits the use of pesticides, genetic modification and water. Little by little, our pieces in organic cotton are obtaining GOTS certification, (Global Organic Textile Standard). This is the most reliable, international, independent certification to guarantee the organic composition of textiles, from the harvesting of raw materials to the labelling.

The White Shirt 

The secret to a sustainable wardrobe- choose timeless pieces, in organic cotton that will stay forever in style and endure the passing of time.

Discover Tomboy, Clothilde and Inès, our selection of essential shirts in organic cotton. 

The Embroidered Blouse 

Beautifully adorned, with delicate embroidery and prints… Carefully curated in organic cotton. 
Discover Kelly, Lizbeth and Iona.

Denim & Rouge

Deep, bright reds... Our go-to tone of the season pairs perfectly with the Silvia salopettes, responsibly Oeko-tex certified. 

The Velvet Cord

Where soft velvet means retro-chic. This eco-friendly fabric can be worn as trousers or shorts.

Solal Jumper


Available in Ecru

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A quarter of our new collection is GOTS and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. The GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard) certifies textiles from organic farming. The Oeko Tex Standard 100 guarantees our pieces contain no toxic chemical residue.


Our light jumpers are naturally soft in warm merino wool, perfect for slipping under a jacket as the temperature begins to fall. 

Hazel jumper


Available in Burgundy

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Essential Shirts 

Shirts that fit all occasions, in eco-friendly materials. 

Night Blue 

The deep, mesmerizing tone of the season brings mystery to our Oeko-tex certified pieces.  

The Petal Print 

Flirt with florals this autumn... Our petal print is an ethereal breath of fresh air and created with the no harmful substances.


Meet Elie our new obsession: the skirt that flows with your rhythm in an unforgettable print.


Pastel, powdered tones and gentle beige: the pieces in shades that go with everything and all Oeko-tex certified. 


Chambray is 100% eco-friendly:
60% cotton, 20% lyocell et 20% linen.


‘La maroquinerie’ (leather range) has been at the heart of Sézane since our origin, and today the story continues becoming more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Our iconic Zig is now tanned using zero chrome. Our shoes and leather goods from our ‘Heritage Collection’ are vegetable-tanned- a practice which is more respectful to the environment than traditional methods (reduced water consumption and elimination of the need for sulphate). 

Gaby Bag Rhubarb-Tanned


Available in Smooth camel

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Available in nude 


From the very first pair, all of our Jack sneakers have been created in Miguel’s Portuguese atelier. This season, our nude version has become even more eco-friendly: 

- The leather is tanned using natural extracts from rhubarb,
- The soles are made from recycled materials and natural leather,
- We use water-based glue, 
- The laces are made from organic cotton and the threads are Oeko-Tex certified.


Rien ne se perd, tout se transforme...
Nothing is lost, all is transformed: these pieces are created partly in recycled wool and polyester. Today, 54%  of the polyester used is recycled and originates from used plastic bottles.

Recycled Wool 

Soft on the skin, resistant to life .... And green.
This season’s coats and jackets now in recycled wool.

Recycled Polyester 

A new season means more recycled polyester than before. We are forever evolving to create a more sustainable fashion.