French Heroes
Our Iconic Coats & Jackets

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The Scott Trench

Our definition of an unforgettable look.
Available in Navy and Camel.

The New Denim Jacket 

The 'oversize' Frenchie Denim jacket. Crafted in organic cotton, it blends tomboy chic with a feminine flair! 
Available in Denim blue.

Wilfrield Jacket


Available in Denim blue

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Available in Indigo, Ecru, Red, Blush, Camel and Jhaki.

Will Jacket

Will is French for Legendary.

There are a few styles that can truly be called legendary.
Those rare, special pieces, where the cut is so perfect, the material so elegantly utilitarian that they become eternal bestsellers, and go on to a live a thousand lives.

Yes, the title ‘legend’ may be overused, but the Will jacket earned it’s iconic status because it’s just that good. Throw it on over chilly shoulders, layer it up, belt-it, roll up its sleeves- make it your own.  

Each season we release the classic style in new seasonal versions, but you never really forget your first…


Sarina is French for Alluring. 

Create that mysterious féminin-masculine look with Sarina, our tailored blazer with a perfect cut.

Available in Black leather and Suede camel.

The Zig Jacket

Zig is French for Edge.

You’ve been searching for that perfect leather jacket, the one that goes with every look and adds that instant daring, rock ‘n’ roll feel. Why not indulge in our classic cut Zig Jacket, with a cool, sexy edge?
After all, it’s designed to endure all your adventures ;) 

The Alfred Coat

Alfred is French for Ambitious.

The perfect mid-season coat comes in a range of striking colours. 
Available in Black.


Our most iconic pieces. 
The ideal Parisian wardrobe. 
Tested, transformed, life-approved.