Les Fleurs de La Havane

Wildflowers of Havana

"Tangled weeds and wildflowers; the chaotic and sublime brought to life. This season’s collection of uplifting prints conjures up a world of secret gardens and hidden paradises. This is Havana at its most vibrant and alive, and the Havana from which our collection takes its name: "Les fleurs de la Havane". Music and dance, colour and light, Go where you feel most alive..."

Morgane Sézalory

February 2019- First tango

"There are places that captivate you at first sight. Since my arrival, I’d walked past the building multiple times, convinced that it was holding something magical within. I knew that I needed to look inside..."  

"Walking beyond the illuminated 1950’s sign that adorns its facade, we're greeted by wild hibiscus flowers, palm trees and a festive, tropical ambience... Pinks, yellows, greens and white, faded portraits of musicians on the walls, dance classes, singing- life in every room.

We’d found the location for our spring collection, and so begins the shoot- one week spent creating, all to the rhythm of a furious salsa".

March 2019 - Colours in movement

"The pink that makes Nina’s heart beat faster, the mysterious cool greens that intrigue Marine, the warm yellow that preoccupies Irene, Charlotte’s passionate red... All the colours we've envisioned and dreamed of a year ago in grey Paris come alive in Cuba".


Spring Collection

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3 Sustainable & stylish picks.
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Prosper T-shirt 

Designed in Paris, made in Portugal- a true European love child. This piece is composed of 100% linen. 



The leather of our luminous Mona bag was tanned using the root of the rhubarb plant, an innovative new technology which is less polluting than traditional leather processing methods.  


Solidarity Sweater 

100% organic cotton, cheeky, and incredibly soft. Meet the piece you'll live in this spring. 


Inspiration From the Studio

A location ? 
La Fabrica de Arte cubano. The experimental cultural 'laboratory' in central Havana 
A gallery ?
La Galleria Continua. The only Cuban art gallery to showcase foreign artists 
A personality?
Carlos Acosta. The famous Cuban dancer takes to the stage for the Royal Ballet in a modern reinterpretation of Don Quixote 
A book? 
Michel Pastoureau. Life in technicolour!  
A colour palette ? 
Wes Anderson, the master of colourful movie deco!
A clip 
Pendentif - L’Originel. A psychedelic trip of a video clip
A song? 
Take a jazzy break with Cuban singer Damé Arocena
A film ? 
Fresa y chocolate. The iconic 90's Cuban film that contributed to the cultural scene of Havana
An dessert?
Le fondant fresa y chocolate. Inspired