Heart & Sole

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”

We feel similarly about our footwear. High quality leather requires a simple care routine, which if followed can mean that you'll have your shoes to walk with you through life for years and years. We stopped by the Paris L'Appartement to discuss their care with Bruna, our leather and footwear specialist at Sézane. Here's her quick guide to making your shoes last. 


A perfect leather for everyday.

The name "héritage" refers to an ancient, ancestral tanning method, whereby leather is naturally colored using die from tree bark.  This process is manual, and thus takes time - anywhere between a few days to several months. The tannins impregnate the skin little by little, gently embellishing it.

Natural defects of the skin are left visible, and it is this variation and singularity which defines the high quality of this leather. The skin is purposefully, delicately damaged by the finishes. ​Overtime, it will develop a patina; a unique tarnish, which reveals the small marks of life and gives it a unique vintage appearance. A living story, your shoes truly become a witness to your life.


a monthly rendez-vous

​Your héritage shoes will collect marks over time which adds character and beautifies the shoe. 

After one month of wear, apply the Beauty Cream (créme de beauté), which comes free with every héritage leather purchase. 

The fabric bag that comes with your order makes the perfect cleaning cloth. 

In order to maintain a real, beautiful vintage look, we advise you use cream as infrequently as possible. Once a month is sufficient. No need to polish, simply rub in.

Befriend a Cobbler

You’ll notice that Sézane shoes come with a leather sole. This is a preference made by artisans of fine leather, because this allows the sole of the shoes to mould and adapt itself over time to the unique shape of your foot, increasing comfort of wear. It’s for this reason that we advise you to wear the shoe for a few weeks, before you visit a cobbler to have a permanent grip pad attached.


Get a Grip

In case you prefer to attach a grip pad straight away, we include a free temporary set with each purchase. This will assist you to protect your sole until you have the time to visit a cobbler. The grip pad is however intended to just be provisional. Against, rain, dirt, snow- visiting a cobbler will ensure your shoe lasts you for many seasons.

1/ Remove the plastic sticker

2/ Ensure the surface is free of dust

3/ Center the pad

4/ You can you now wear the shoe for a few weeks before you visit the cobbler.

Our Savoir-Faire

We work with 3 ateliers; in Italy, Portugal and France. Bruna who has visited the aterliers herself, reveals that the process remains largely manual and conducted by hand. Particulary in terms of stiching and detailing. 

The countries have unique creation processes, we respect these regional differences, thier savoir-faire and expertises.

As a result, there can be a slight variation in sizing. A quick guide: 
Italian and spanish - on the larger side. Choose a size down. 
Portugese - on the smaller size. Choose a size up. 



Let’s be honest, suede looks fabulous. It’s a sophisticated choice, but it is high mantainance if you don't properly care for this unique leather. As Bruna explains, with a few quick preventative measures, you can protect your suede against the elements.

1/ Always brush your shoe before treatment to ensure the surface is clean.
2/ Spray from a distance of 20cm
3/ Cover any metallic details to ensure they are not exposed (this can cause rust to form )


Golden Hour

Our head-turning gold shoes are incredibly low-maintenance. However, just like your skin, from time to time it could do with a little hydration. 

How to know it's time to hydrate? Whenever you see that the shoe's leather is becoming slightly white- this is the time to get out your creme de beaute. 

Wild Thing

Our pony-effect calf leather loafers are exceptionally low-maintaince- just brush the hair in the correct direction from time to time!