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Sézane Christmas Club

The whirlwind of the holiday season behind us, and a week to (finally) recharge between Christmas and New Year's Day. Take a little time for yourself and for all those things that you mightn’t have had time to do in 2018. The Sézane team shares with you our picks of the holidays: small pleasures, books, exhibitions, movies ... will you take a break with us?

Monday, December 24
With you couch ;)

Christmas Ciné Club


We thought long and hard to try and present you with 5 festive yet intellectual, film choices...
And then we gave up. Christmas films are cheesy, clichéd, and oh so good… Discover our cheerful & cheesy Christmas top 6 in stories now. The perfect way to spend Christmas Eve.

1 - Love Actually
2 - Home Alone
3 - Bridget Jones Diary
4 - National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
5 - The Grinch
6 - The Elf

​Tuesday, 25 December
With Nora Hamzawi

Christmas Comedy Club


You may not have met Nora Hamzawi yet. Well, you’re about to spend Christmas with her, so let’s get acquainted! French comedian and new friend of Sézane, she’s a star of Paris’s comedy circuit. On this merriest of days, Nora shares with us her tips to surviving the holidays.

Discover her videos.

Thursday, 27 December
With Alex Noiret 

Soft Christmas Club


Recipient of a ‘disapointing’ gift yesterday?

Well not to fear, the antidote is but a few clicks away…
As 2018 draws to a close, it’s time to get what you really wanted. Our Winter Collection is online, full of guaranteed-satisfaction-pieces, from Paris with love. Treat yourself, it’s what the holiday season is all about! 

​Friday 28 December
With Violette

Christmas Beauty Club

Meet Violette! Makeup artist, Director of Beauty at Estée Lauder, and the most Parisian New-Yorker of all!


Does NY inspire your make-up and style differently to Paris?

Yes completely. When I lived in Paris, I always dressed in a very chic way (always in heels ... rarely in flats!) I also wore almost exclusively black. Arriving in NY, such a dynamic city with real diversity, I was inspired to start wearing colour. I’ve relaxed with the heels too, we walk too much in NYC to be uncomfortable.

What do you miss most about Paris when you are in NY and vice versa?

When I’m In Paris, I miss NY’s diversity, it’s daring spirit. When I'm in NY, I miss the unfiltered side of Paris. The culture. The fact that we can moan and complain without anyone feeling targeted or offended hahaha ;)
What are the differences in the American and French attitude towards makeup?
The French want to feel good before anything else. Americans want to look good first and foremost. Do you see the difference? Amercian’s hide more under makeup. They sometimes use it as a tool for cosmetic surgery or they will even change their morphology. But they dare more than the French who rarely move away from classic makeup looks (nude/smoky eyes / red lips). The Americans are inspiring in that sense. In having said this, I don’t like to make generalisations, because of course there are many French who dare with fun looks and likewise many Americans who completely embrace their natural beauty.

What makes a make-up by Violette different the rest?

Hmmm ... I don’t know what differentiates me but I know what characterizes me. Bare, natural skin, a beauty statement like an intense lip, a glittery liner... I use make-up as a means of expression, without hiding the woman. I celebrate individuality.
The 3 beauty products you couldn’t live without, and the 3 you think are unnecessary?

The essentials:
1/ Concealer. You can do almost anything for your complexion with concealer. It allows you to work by touch, and if done right, you don’t even need foundation!
2/ Mascara: It wakes up the eyes like nothing else!
3/ A red lipstick ...
The superfluous:
1/ False eyelashes: Too complicated.
2/ Contouring: In photos, it shocks less but in real life, it really looks like "I am wearing makeup".
3/ Setting powder: A little shine gives you a healthy look.

Does your outfit influence your makeup or the reverse?

It depends! Sometimes it’s the outfit that inspires my make-up and sometimes the other way around. I always ask myself the question when I wake up "How do you want to feel today?” That’s how I decide.  

What beauty advice did you receive from your mother?

Don’t hide behind makeup. Take care of what Mother Nature has given you. Skin, hair, health! Look after your wellbeing and you won’t need a lot of make-up.

Why Sézane?

Because Sézane loves women. It is a brand completely orientated around all that it is feminine.


Saturday, December 29
With the dancefloor 


Black & White
Christmas Club

It’s the last weekend of the year, and the last few hours to treat yourself to all the things you didn’t have time to do in 2018 ;) Here’s what’s on our program. Theme: noir et blanc.

A song: Non je ne regrette rien by Edith Piaf

A film: Roma- plunge into 1970's Mexico and the life of a live-in housekeeper

A second film: Cold War- two lovers between Stalinist Poland and bohemian Paris in the 50's.

A book: The Boy Who Granted Dreams- The American dream in 1920's New York for a group of Italian immigrants.

A quote: The only thing one never regrets is one’s mistakes:  Oscar Wilde

An expo: Martine Franck at the Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation

A restaurant:  Guilo Guilo for a voyage into the land of the rising sun.

A dress: Minty baby!

A photo: Happy Club by Malick Sidibé