Our Archives Are Online

Bonjour 2019! 

A new year and the opportunity to return to the source, remind ourselves of essential & look forward, to our plans for tomorrow. As tradition dictates, this winter we open our Archives

Resolution #1
Celebrate Traditions

Our Archives Are Online! 

A veritable treasure trove, it's an opportunity to discover the pieces you might have missed out on from previous seasons. You'll also find latecomers, restocks & exclusive pieces made from our left-over fabrics and leathers at the end of each season (all at a gentle price).

Resolution #2
Take your time 

Winter Time 

A new year and a chance to pause, take stock and treat yourself a little. This week's edito returns to soft, gentle basics, for an easy start to the year. 

Resolution #4
Be Daring 

Sézane x Manoush

At Manoush, a bohemian spirit has reigned since 2002, brought to life through their colourful, joyful and daring pieces. Manoush, was the childhood nickname of creator Frédérique Trou-Roy, "I like that it shines, that it sings, that it sparkles ..." the designer recounts. Her inspirations, collected during her travels between Maghreb, India and the Middle East, inspired this exceptional collaboration with Sézane. At the crossroads of these two worlds, discover a capsule of pieces combining the feminine style and perfect cuts of Sezane and the colourful embroidery, sparkling prints and twirling frills of Manoush. 

Resolution #5
Prepare for DEMAIN (tomorrow) 

Actions before words 

In 2019 our major charity initiative DEMAIN will drive our brand direction, turning green, and setting goals bigger and more ambitious than ever before. Stay tuned. 

Resolution #6
Make a rendez-vous 

Save the Date

New Year, new program! You're going to love what our studio's been preparing for you ;)

Want a few clues ?
. Pack your bags! We're heading in the direction of the City of Angels...
. Play the game...Febuary is going to shine (around your neck, on your fingers, wrists... 
. Let's celebrate!  "Going to the chapel and we're, going to get married...." 


Coming Soon(ish)

Our NYC Appartement is open for a few final days before we close for a little ‘re-fresh’. We’re taking the rest of the winter to update our magical space, and we’ll return to you blossoming and full of life in the spring. We’d give you the exact date, but that wouldn’t be very French would it ;) Let's say: Coming Soon(ish). 

Until then? Paris is always online...