the french way

the french way

The French Way 

The chief danger about Paris is that it is such a strong stimulant."
T.S. Eliot

La Vie Parisienne...
this week we explore our nuanced, ever-evolving relationship with this formidable city. Paris of the past, present and future coming together dizzyingly, spectacularly, all at once.  


"I still can hear the songs that Paris sung,
I close my eyes and once again I'm young.
It seems somehow an age ago,
My years of innocence were there,
And why I left I'll never know,
I still hear Paris ev'rywhere..."




A word from Morgane, founder of Sézane

"Sézane is deeply French at its soul. But Paris and Sézane are for everyone. I was born in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, yet Paris runs through my veins. My relationship with this city is in constant flux. It’s a place so iconic that to live within it we can sometimes become numb to its grandeur and its beauty. But the feeling always returns, and when it does, it can be almost physical. There are moments in Paris where I feel it lift my soul. A glowing, laneway terrace buzzing with warm, infectious energy. A quiet, solitary moment along the river Seine in Autumn"



Je t'aime - Designed by Tankboys


The Salt 

This week our French and International editors share their disparate relationships with Paris. One a story just beginning, another that of a Parisian born and bred, and the third a tale of great love, and a heart split between two continents.

Read about our Paris here.

The salt. The word captures all that is fundamentally simple yet complex. Beautiful chaos, glorious failures. The sweetness and the sting.  Welcome to heart and soul of ‘The French Way’ a space for wild thoughts, challenging ideas and free dialogue. 


Parlez-moi d'Amour 

When one imagines Paris of the past, one inevitably thinks of the writers of the Saint-Germain district who rethought the world at Café de Flore. One begins to dream of their epistolary relations and even today, we can experience a rush of emotion, reading these heartfelt words from the past. This week Simone de Beauvoir takes the charge..

"This impulse, my love, of all myself towards all of you: I adore you, body and soul, with ALL my body and with ALL my soul, and whenever there is something new in you, it becomes a new adoration.  My little one, my little one, do not be sad. You are my destiny, my eternity, my life, my joy, the salt and the light of the earth, I throw myself in your arms and I remain there. I am your woman forever. "

Love letter from Simone de Beauvoir to Claude Lanzmann in 1953

Wild Thought of The Week 


Over to you

In the last five years, Sézane has undergone a period of rapid growth. We’re so proud to finally bring our French take on liberté, creativity and femininity to an international audience. Sézane is deeply French at its soul, but our brand is for everyone. With the launch of our first edition of The French Way in August, we debuted our new editorial space for Sézane in English. Today, working intimately with our French colleagues, Taylor, our International Art Director, and myself- Lucy, International Editor, are proud to bring you dedicated content, created in English for the very first time. Our language is unique, and it will stay that way.  We’re a French brand, born from instinct and wild thoughts. We’re so proud to share Sézane with you.

Merci beaucoup, and welcome to the adventure…

Lucy x

Editor of ‘The French Way’

Sézane is for everyone


Quartier Libre

Paris and the metro.

In Paris, we often refer to a neighbourhood by the name of the metro stop within it. But the metro serves as more than just a term of reference. Each arrondissement and its metro stations bear witness to all of the life and stories that pass around it...

Discover them here in our unconventional guide to Paris. 

Parlez-vous Paris? 

La Vie Parisienne,
A Story in Song  

Be transported to the Paris of yesterday, 
Paris to the rhythm of another time...