on danse? 

We’ve always been drawn to ballet. Traditionally a female arena, it’s a discipline which is corporal, gritty, intense. An intersection of femininity and strength, art and athleticism, body and soul. This week, Alice Renavand, Primer Ballerina at the Paris Ballet takes us beyond the tutus, and into the world of elite ballet. Spontaneous, strong and sensitive all at once, she defines the femme libre that energises us.
Watch her interview below.

La Conversation - Alice Renavand

​“I danced the L’élue du Sacre’ by Pina Bausch and the role changed me, disturbed me. It’s a role of extreme violence, extreme beauty... it's impossible to return to normal life after this”  - Alice Renevand



The Wednesday Release

As the temperatures fall and the days grow shorter, we're drawn back to a softer, warmer universe. This moody season calls for new shades and textures. Inspired by an opulent, glowing world, inside the grand buildings of Paris is Autumn, discover Paris boudoir. Delicate, quietly forceful elegance in velvet, reds, warm browns and emerald greens. Inspired by sparkling lights, warmth, the glowing windows of Paris on a crisp Autumn's evening... 

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Paris Boudoir- velvet, opulence & warmth 


INSIDE sézane 

And in real life? Come inside the doors of Rue Saint-Fiacre to meet our team, and discover their take on the Fall Collection. 

Our Team's Pick of The Fall Collection


Oh Charles, how I've missed you...

This week also sees the return of our iconic Charles cardigan. Beautifully soft and perfect for everyday wear, with its delicate lace detail on the sleeves.

Because you're a lady, and that's formidable. 


Welcome back 


Parlez-moi de dance

“Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.”

― Voltaire

Wild thought of the week


Around our Appartements  

For our friends in New York looking to find little a Parisian inspiration, you can pop into the Sézane Appartement. Our appartement staff are also always on the lookout for the best cultural activities around the city with a French twist. 

This week we're reserving tickets to see Algerian-born, French dancer and choreographer Nacera Belaza present three of her acclaimed works, Sur le Fil, La Nuit and La Traversée. Her minimalist choreography feels both intimate and universal, exploring the female, space and the interior world.

Catch her at the Crossing the Line Festival, from October 4th to 6th. 


Paris is everywhere