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Welcome to The French Way.

Born of female ingenuity, Sézane has always been a means through which we celebrate liberty ‘The French Way’. Each week we’ll bring you fascinating voices with fresh perspectives; on love, life and the unexpected.

This week we bring you the story of the women who designed our latest collection. The first part of the tale is a human one, and it begins in our design studios on the Rue Saint-Fiacre. It’s also a tale of Paris, our great love, expressed through every detail. Born on its streets, our pieces are a conversation with the city itself. Welcome to our design studios, and welcome to ‘The French Way’ Edition II. 

The French Way 


La Définition 

​This week we're reflecting on the links between Sézane of the past and the present. The best of our original designs captured in the irrepressible Sézane vision of today.

Our new collection was heralded as a ‘gentle renaissance’ in which everything changes and nothing changes. We’ve returned to our original passion. To create quality pieces for women that will become inseparable companions, travelling with you through life. We are for designs that celebrate the soft and sensual, without ever feeling like a concession to strength.

Discover our evolution here.

Everything changes, nothing changes 


Inside Sézane 

Each week we open the doors of Rue Saint-Fiacre, introducing you to the human faces behind Sézane. This week, meet Marine, Nina, Carol et Daphné, our creative design team also known as le Studio.

Allez hop

Stories from inside rue saint-fiacre..


Le Vestiaire 

Every single one of our designs is crafted by profoundly authentic, joyous, caring people. Women with a genuine desire to create beautiful designs. Pieces made by women for women. In this week's issue of Le Vestiaire our design team share with you the ways in which their personal relationship with the Paris inspires their creations. 

Meet the team here...

Who designed my clothes? 


The Salt 

This week continues our series of tales of wild love…
It takes an extraordinary mix of courage, daring and optimism, to leave behind your country and all that you know in the pursuit of big love. Each week we recount tales of Franco-international couples who followed love across borders.

Read this week's French love story here...

The salt. The word captures all that is fundamentally simple yet complex. Beautiful chaos, glorious failures. The sweetness and the sting.  Welcome to heart and soul of ‘The French Way’ a space for wild thoughts, challenging ideas and free dialogue. 


Quartier Libre

Influence Me: Nitch 
This instagram account is a daily dose of inspiration and cool by way of perfectly curated images and texts featuring well-known humans from across the globe... 

You, Forever by Sam Evian is the perfect album for that bitter-sweet transition from summer to fall (and we've had it on repeat for weeks)

Wasting Time:
Can We French Kiss Now? is a tumblr serving some real #mood (if you know what we mean...)

Word on our Lips: La rentrée!

What's been in our ears and on our minds lately (casually curated culture)


Over to you 

This week we’re responding to your questions about why our Héritage leather bags mark so easily. As Adeline, our accessory expert explains, this is intentional.

"The name "héritage" refers to an ancient, ancestral tanning method, whereby leather is naturally colored using die from tree bark.  
This process is manual, and thus takes time - anywhere between a few days to several months. The tannins impregnate the skin little by little, gently embellishing it. Natural defects of the skin are left visible, and it is this variation and singularity which defines the high quality of this leather. The skin is purposefully, delicately damaged by the finishes. ​Overtime, it will develop a patina; a unique tarnish, which reveals the small marks of life and gives it a unique vintage appearance. A living story, your bag becomes truly a witness to your life.

Why does my bag collect marks? 



The wait is finally over… this week we’re taking a journey across the SEA to explore our latest collaboration with a New York brand we just can’t get enough of. Discover our favorite pieces from this collection, and learn about the inspiration and people behind them here.

In New York?  Join us for a celebration of our one year anniversary at L’Appartement on Elizabeth St. from September 5th-7th.  We’ll have sweet treats from our friends at Maman, live music, and even a special gift from us to you just for stopping by… Discover our new Autumn collection, our collaboration with Sea New York, and start Fall with us… the French way. 
Join the party here.

Come across the SEA