The Making of a Collaboration

The Making of a Collaboration

A Collaboration Across The Sea... 

This week, we invite you to join us for a meeting of kindred spirits that crosses the Atlantic. Discover our newest collaboration with Sea New York. Feminine, playful, and driven (of course) by our passion for detail. We sat down with Monica and Sean of SEA to learn more about the vision behind the collaboration, how their brand came to be, and their favorite places in NYC... 

Monica of Sea New York inside her studio.

Where does the name Sea NY come from? Is there a story behind its origins?
Sean came up with the name Sea. He loves the sea but really he’s just lazy. One night he was “helping” me with the line up for a fashion show at Betsey Johsnon and at 4am lost interest and began typing his name in oversized letters on a corkboard. Before he finished he went to the kitchen for a coffee and came back and saw ‘Sea’ and that was the beginning of Sea. It just stuck and it’s a great name that also has a meaning behind it. I love how it came about – completely spontaneous.

When did you decide to dedicate your life to design? In what moments do you feel most creative?  
I’ve always been excited about fashion. It’s been a passion since I found Vogue in my grandmother’s house in upstate NY. Fashion is exciting because it is a way to dream about, process and express the world. But the reality is during the day I am usually in nonstop meetings and fittings – so it’s very early in the morning or late at night when I am able to be open to inspiration and free flowing ideas.

Three words that define the essence of Sea NY? 
Optimistic, Nuanced, thoughtful.
How would you describe the Sézane x Sea NY collaboration? How would you like it to make women feel? 
 I think there is a lot of crossover between Sea and Sezane…. Both brands are deeply personal endeavors that have established this cherished connection with the customer that creates a community, a small way to connect to the world. We are both customer driven brands and I think share the desire to give our customer tools to express themselves rather than overwhelm/label who they are.  

How do you imagine the future for Sea?
We’re excited to open our new showroom and first storefront on Canal St. We are moving from the 5th floor in our building to the ground floor. For the store we will start adding in exclusives and accessories and begin building out the brand step by step.
How do you combine your life as a creative director and a mom of a young boy in NY ? Does your role as a mother influence your creativity? 
I am much more focused at work and getting my job done so that I can get home to my son, Luca. When I have to work late nights and weekends before a collection needs to be finished, Luca comes to work and everyone is so great about taking turns entertaining him.

Lastly, can you share three of the places that make you the happiest in NYC ? A few of your favorite addresses? 
– a wonderful restaurant 3 minutes from our studio. A great place for a wine and bite at the bar or the most perfectly cooked decadent meal in town.
Ballet Beautiful - my exercise go to a couple blocks north from us Greene St.
John Derian Filled with treasure upon treasure for your home. It’s dangerous to visit.
Edith Machinist - A vintage spot that has been around on the LES for years. They have an amazing edit of accessories and clothing to be inspired by and great pieces to wear now.

Discover our full collaboration with Sea New York here.