Friends of Sézane

Friends of Sézane

Friends of Sézane 

En Conversation with ...
 Elaina Bellis 

Daughter of a photographer and a freelance Art Director and model herself, Elaina Bellis has mastered the art of taking the perfect shot. Now her creative flair is inspired by her identical twin daughters. With close friend and photographer Morgan Pansing, she captures the beauty and wonders of motherhood in a series of stunning photographs taken especially for Sézane. We chatted with Elaina and discussed how she stays effortlessly chic and reconnects with herself over summer while being a full-time mother.

Your family home looks such a beautiful and nurturing place for your girls to grow up, wherein the house do you spend the most time as a family? 
Thank you! We love our home so much and feel incredibly grateful for it. I'd say we spend most of our time in the kitchen/dining room area. I love to cook, and the girls love to help me cook, they also love eating ;)"

When at home, what’s the daily routine for you and your family? 
"We all wake up together in our big bed and snuggle. Then it's straight to breakfast (the girls are usually starving right when they wake up) after breakfast we do yoga and then leave the house for outdoor adventures! We cook 95% of our meals at home, and both James and the girls love to help. So after running errands and doing some sort of outdoor activity we come home and have a big family meal together!"

What would be the perfect holiday for you and your family? 
"Summer in Vermont. Renting a little cottage on a lake there, and spending a month or two just enjoying all that the east coast summers have to offer. There's nothing better."


"Just enjoy your family for exactly how they are!"


When packing to go away with your family, what are your summer holiday essentials? 
"Anything easy to throw on over a wet bathing suit, or to change into for a nice dinner out. I love anything effortless. I tend to wear a lot of white because it's easy and so beautiful on everyone."

You have such an effortlessly chic style, can you share with us some of your most treasured holiday pieces? 
"Why thank you so much! I'm a big fan of less is more.  Beautifully made pieces, which are easy to wear. My favorite style is high waisted trousers paired with an elegant blouse or top.  I'm not a huge print person, I prefer keeping it simple by wearing white and earth tones."

What’s on your summer holiday reading list this year? 
"If I had time to re

 "If you can get to a point where you're able to see the lesson
or the gift during a dark time, then that's exactly why it has happened."


What’s on your summer holiday reading list this year? 
"If I had time to read, I'd love to read cookbooks as I love cooking, it fascinates me.  I get inspired by different chefs and how they create vibrant dishes and what spices they pair with different foods!" 

How have your holidays changed since having children? 
"Oh so much. It's not as relaxing that's for sure, but more meaningful. I love seeing my kids experience new things for the first time."

Do you have any advice for parents going on holiday with young children? 
"Just go with the flow, don't have any sort of expectation of how it should be. Just enjoy your family for exactly how they are!"

How do you and your husband make time for yourselves and each other after having children?
"We rotate nights of who puts the kids to bed so that we each get nights a week to ourselves and to do things with friends. We also make time to exercise, something very important for me. I'm a better mom when I can move my body at least 3-4 times a week. We also go on day dates! Those are my favorite vs. night time dates because then I'm not tired!"


You perfectly capture the essence of motherhood through your pictures on Instagram, what’s your favorite thing about being a mother? 
"That I have two built-in best buddies that I get to show the world too! It's incredible."

What important advice and values did you learn from your mother?
"My mom always said to me "kill people with kindness." Her other piece of advice, when dropping me off at school, was to sit with the kids who are on their own.  She was a very inclusive person and showed me what love looks like."

When in life do you feel most powerful and when have you felt the most vulnerable? 
Motherhood is my answer to both of those questions!


"To love yourself completely. To stay true to who you are and your values." 

"Let it go, Let it flow."

You’re an incredibly strong woman, sharing your grief of losing your son to support others. What would be your advice to others who have experienced a similar loss? 
"To trust the feeling that you're taken care of. Things happen in our lives that are hard to explain or traumatic. If you can get to a point where you're able to see the lesson or the gift in such a dark time then that's exactly why it has happened. Our souls are on a journey to be at our highest potential. Lincoln taught me the gift of letting go and the gift of knowing how strong I am, and for other people to feel comfortable to share their own stories with me. He's brought an abundance of beauty into my life."

What is the most important and meaningful gift you could give your daughters?  
"To love yourself completely. To stay true to who you are and your values."

​Do you have a mantra in life?
"Let it go, Let it flow."


Merci beaucoup, Elaina! xxx

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