Friends of Sézane

Friends of Sézane

Inside Leo's Paris

Eleonore "Leo" Toulin & Sézane, a friendship that goes back to our origins in 2013. As our very first model (and one of the faces of our fall campaign this year), she’s come to embody Sézane’s unique, spirited take on femininity ‘The French Way’. She’s also become a good friend. Below, she recounts her Paris.


I live in the Marais, and it’s my absolute favorite place in the city. I love that it still feels like an old village, with real charm, but I hate that it becomes so crowded on the weekends. It feels like an invasion of my own special space, my home.

I walk everywhere in Paris, anything can become an inspiration. The everyday is more elegant, filled with more beauty, it elevates you. I love throwing dinner parties at home. There’s something incredibly intimate and cosy about crowding into a small apartment with your friends, lighting candles, opening the windows to smoke, smells of cooking and conversation floating out onto the streets. There’s an old local bar in Le Marais called Le Saint Gervais, I can also spend the whole evening there with friends, time passing by unnoticed.

I’ve been with Sézane since day one. We kind of grew up together. I can feel the brand has become more mature and confident, like me. There’s a certain simple elegance to Sézane pieces that speak to, and that’s the kind of woman I like to think I’m becoming...



The metro stop
Saint germain-des-près. As a teenager, this is where I would meet friends before we got up to no good.

The tourist attraction
La Grande Roue (ferris wheel). Cliché yes, but the view at night is amazing

The homecoming
The first thing I do is kiss my boyfriend.

The season
Summer! With everybody out on the streets... I can spend hours with my friends on outdoor terraces

The mind
Romain Gary

Photos by Taylor Swaim