Alex Noiret

Her Perfect Day

It-girl and friend of Sézane Alex Noiret recounts her big day. From traditional French grandmothers to being present in the moment, her story is a celebration of enduring love. 

You married quite young, what's it like to make such a huge decision at such a young age?

 Yes, I was 20 when I married my husband! I think because I started modeling at a very young age, I was always surrounded by adults, working on set, thinking about the future and grew up very quickly for my age. But even so, marriage was never on my mind...until I met Scott. As cheesy as it sounds, I just knew. I knew I could spend all the hours of my days with him and feel completely happy doing nothing. That's still true! As for making huge decisions at a young age…I’d say a mix of childlike naivety and a strong will to follow my heart has led me to make decisions that feel true to who I am. I’ve always done so, and despite society’s tendency to fear unfamiliar routes, they’ve all felt very natural and normal to me and have led me down a wildly beautiful, adventurous road. Voila! Now, as I grow, the trick is holding onto that same childlike naivety, or sense of self, unformed by society’s ideas and pressures about what anything means.

How did you approach the search for your wedding dress? Did you always have a clear idea in mind? Do you have any tips for future brides currently searching?

 We were engaged and decided to marry two months later, which would be our two-year anniversary of when we first met. This left me with little time to find a dress! My friend, Jihan, graciously offered to take me dress shopping, and  I eventually slid into a slinky, silk slip dress. I'd originally imagined I would wear a very classic, long-sleeved lace dress. However, in the end, I felt most like myself, simple and beautiful, in this naked, silk slip. It was perfect. I just knew it. For any future brides, first off… congratulations! And second, I'd say... don't hold onto one single idea of what you think you'll look like. If you allow yourself to be flexible and try different styles, you might be surprised and find your dream dress, or your dream you!

What guided your creative choices about the wedding, did you have any particular sources of inspiration?

I wanted my wedding to be intimate, classic, earthy and elegant. I opted for neutral tones and hoped to find some sort of garden, which we found! After finding my dress, I was inspired by Carolyn Bessette's wedding look, with her silk slip dress, slicked back hair and simple bouquet.

How did you manage stress in the period leading up to the wedding? What advice would you give future brides?

 Because we'd only had two months to plan, and because I had a minimal budget, I had to make some compromises and act quickly in planning, accepting that parts of my wedding wouldn't be absolutely perfect. In a strange way, accepting imperfections and having limited time to stress actually helped a lot. In the end, there were a few little things that went wrong, like forgetting my bouquet.  But the funny thing is, I didn't even notice, because I was with my father who had traveled all the way from Paris to Los Angeles just to escort me down the aisle, with or without flowers! To future brides, I'd say: this day won't be perfect. You might forget your flowers, or cry so hard you ruin your makeup, your husband's ring might not fit (yes that happened too), but here's the thing -- It will be one of the best days of your life, it will go by very quickly, you'll be surrounded by those that love you and the little things really won't matter...I promise. Try to hold onto that and enjoy. Enjoy!

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The big day

What's your fondest memory of the day?

It went by in a big happy blur. Having my French grandparents there, and seeing all of our friends and family in one spot because they love and support us. There's really nothing like it; it's surreal. I walked down the aisle, saw happy faces from loved ones first, then Scott at the end of the aisle while a song played the words, "you are so good to me." He is truly so good to me. I was sobbing uncontrollably; it was great! It was beautiful.

If you could go back would you change anything?

Not one single thing. Maybe remembering to use my bouquet (and the other flowers we forgot;  it's a shame they weren't used, but I didn’t even notice until three days later). I wouldn’t change a thing.

What would you tell another woman getting married tomorrow?

Try not to worry about every little thing. It will all go by very quickly, and beautifully so, and you will be in a hurricane of love, dancing and food. ENJOY! Oh, and, you may worry about all the details, but others don't really care about the details except, maybe, your French grandma! Everyone is focused on themselves and their own experience. So, don't worry about what other people think! There are no rules. Everyone there already loves you as you are. This is a celebration of you and your loved one, and really, nothing else matters.   

How has marriage changed your relationship with your partner?

We weren’t living together prior to our marriage, so that was an obvious change. However, we were very much in love, best friends and really enjoyed each other’s presence. That’s still true today.
Overall, our relationship has become a lot stronger, sweeter, more intimate, very vulnerable and goofy, and…at the same time, it’s become more serious! We are constantly together, growing in life and in work, which both come with their own joys and stresses. It’s a constant juggle — constant learning, constant growing and constant process of self-reflection. How can I be a better partner? How can I navigate my own life and also help my partner do the same? How do we grow as individuals, but together? It isn’t always a smooth balance, because life is complex, but thankfully, at the root of it all is love. We really, really love each other. Our commitment to love and grow and be vulnerable together has only deepened that love. It’s been beautiful.