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Vive le Mini-Break! 

'Long-weekend season’ is in full swing. You don’t have to go far though to follow the call of the sun. Longer days and sunshine always leads us to fall back in love with our city. Here's our how-to guide ;)

Postcard from Montmartre

Montmartre- Paris

Montmartre is one of the rare neighbourhoods where even the most jaded of Parisians can take a stroll and be reminded of why they first fell in love with the city.

Perched high above the sea of grey rooftops and chimneys, it’s cobbled streets retain an echo of another era. A Paris in its grungy, artistic prime.

Yeah, it’s touristy. But even on the busiest days, you’ll always find a back street where you can steal a little moment for yourself.

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Postcard from the beach

Deauville- Normandy

As one of Paris’ closest beaches (just a few hours by train), the first sign of a heat wave always sees a mass migration of Parisians to the sands of Normandy.

Oui, the water might be a little chilly, but nothing compares to a meal of fresh moules-frites at the end of a salty day at the beach.

The irresistible finale? A deep, sun-induced nap on the train home.

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Postcard from the park 

The park- Everywhere!

And of course, there’s always the oasis of the urban park. In Paris we favour Buttes Chaumont, for it’s ‘everything goes’ attitude (expect to see some skin, we’re a little sun-starved in this city after all…) and sprawling greenery.

Take a blanket, picnic lunch, a good book or some friends. Close your eyes, lie down in the grass facing the sky...See! You could be anywhere ;)

La Click List :
A postcard from Montmartre

A movie? Well, of course, it has to be "Amélie" the love-it-or-hate-it film that romanced the city’s hills in such iconic fashion.

A secret panorama? The quiet, clear view of the capital from the top of Rue Tholozé.

A coffee? Hardware Société is the love child of awarding winning baristas from Melbourne, Australia and part of the rapidly evolving French coffee scene.

A brunch? La Bossue, for the most patient ;)

A museum? The oft-dismissed museum of Montmartre is worth the detour- plunge into the history of the neighbourhood and travel back in time.

A refreshment? The Hotel Particulier always seduces us with its decor and cocktails!

A thrift shop? Chine Machine is full of treasures

A rooftop? The Terrass' Hotel  offers a superb view of Paris

à bientôt!