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Already October, 

A month of awareness, change and solidarity that reinforces Sézane’s commitments- to use our voice and creations to make positive changes that will benefit us all. 

This Wednesday, we are supporting Gustave Roussy Institute, a centre which cares for patients with all types of cancer and one of the leading institutes of cancer research and education in the world.  10% of the day’s global sales will be donated to the centre, as well as the entire proceeds of this month’s solidarity creation, our Birth of Venus t-shirt. To thank you for your contribution, we will be slipping a limited edition pink velours tote bag into every order. *

October with Géraldine 

Today we also welcome Géraldine Dormoy, a former journalist and author of ‘Un Cancer pas si grave’, a book which accounts her personal journey to recovery from breast cancer, highlighting the prevalence of cancer and, therefore, the importance of screening. This week, discover her story. 

I hope her story and positive words resonate with those affected by the illness and emphasizes the importance of breast cancer screening for every woman.

A bientôt, 

Morgane Sézalory 

*Exclusively for online orders and limited stocks available. 


Today doing good looks good… As 10% of all global sales will be donated to the Gustave Roussy Institute, contributing to their pioneering cancer research.   

To thank you for your donation, you will find a limited edition October Rose tote bag* in your order. Deep pink and soft ribbed velour, it’s a thing of beauty that captures the love and care shared during this month of solidarity. 

*Exclusively for online orders and limited stocks available. 


A new month, a new solidarity creation… Our new piece is an ode to softness, feminine beauty and female strength. Inspired by one of the most iconic paintings in art history, our Birth of Venus creation celebrates the female body in all its beautiful shapes and forms. 

All proceeds of our La Naissance de Venus - t-shirt will be donated to the Gustave Roussy Institute to fund their cancer research.



How does Pink October resonate with you?

At the end of 2017, I discovered that I had breast cancer after a mammogram, an X-ray test that can spot early signs of cancers when they’re too small to see or feel. A mastectomy and chemotherapy soon followed as well as other treatments. I decided to document each stage online, mostly on Instagram and was soon contacted by others affected by this illness. This made me realise the extent to which people are affected by cancer and the importance of speaking about it to break the taboo surrounding cancer.

What strove you to write a book about cancer?

As soon as I discovered my illness, I decided to record everything I felt. I’m a journalist, the desire to investigate and introspect runs through my veins, therefore, I need to analyse every emotion I experience. At the end of my treatment, editor Sophie Rouanet convinced me that what I had written could be of interest to other people.

What predominate message do you wish to convey to other women?

I would like everyone to understand that cancer isn’t always as terrible as we imagine. In recent years, there has been outstanding progress in medicine and the care and comfort of cancer patients have greatly improved. However, to guarantee a successful recovery, breast cancer has to be detected early. I highlight the importance of regularly examining your breasts and breast-cancer screening, as this could be lifesaving.



This year, members of team Sézane will take part in Odysséa in Paris, a run in aid of breast cancer. All donations collected will help those affected by breast cancer and fund research. 

Rendez-vous this Sunday on Instagram to follow the event as it unfolds ;)



An artist?
Through soft pinks Italian artist llaria Clari repaints the painful reality of cancer with a rosy, playful tone. 

An Instagram account?
@Coppafeel- the Insta account and organization encouraging women to grab life by the boobs and regularly check for lumps and bumps. 

A brand?
Ana Ono Intimates is a beautiful lingerie line imagined for women to wear after their mastectomy. 

A documentary?
Serendipity - the first-person documentary of Prune Nourry follows her fight against breast cancer and captures the subsequent evolution of her body, work, soul and mind. 

A book? 
Cancer Vixen: A true story- the graphic memoir of Marisa Acocella Marchetto that tells her cancer journey in vivid colour- from diagnosis to cure.