Inside Sézane

Inside sézane

Inside Sézane- Our Ateliers 

Where Is Sézane Made? 

In January 2019, through 21 questions and answers, we invited you inside Sézane.

Today, we invite you to go even further, as we open the door to 5 of our ateliers where Sézane pieces are produced.  More than 2/3 of our models are produced in Europe, the rest all over the world, depending on the origin of raw materials, expertise, working conditions and production capacities. The modernity of the workshops is an essential element in our choices, in order to guarantee the best working conditions for employees.

Come along with us to India, Portugal, China, Bulgaria and Italy to meet our long-standing partner ateliers.

Embroidery by hand


Location: New Delhi
Expertise: Cotton and embroidery
Workshop manager: Shubhi
Date of first business partnership: 2015

A commitment to sustainability 


Location: Porto
Expertise: Leather
Workshop manager: Ana
Date of first business partnership: 2013

Expertise in silk production


Location: province of Zhejiang
Expertise: Silk production
Workshop manager: Vivian
Date of first business partnership: 2015

Excellence in weaving & threading


Location: Sofia area
Expertise: Weaving
Workshop manager: Diana
Date of first business partnership: 2014

Artisanal tradition


Location: Naples
Expertise: Leather
Workshop manager: Marco
Date of first business partnership: 2015

Inside Sézane

 A word from our Green Team

Our names are Marie and Marine. We didn't know much about the textile industry before starting at Sézane a few months ago, coming from very different career backgrounds.  On a day-to-day basis here in Paris, we spend most of our time with staff on the design team, production managers, and our welfare and environment expert Elléore. Very quickly we realised that in order to truly understand production at Sézane we needed to go to the places where our pieces are made. We travelled across five countries to visit five diverse ateliers. It’s with great pleasure that we can now share our discoveries, with you here, in total transparency. This journey begins with Portugal and China.

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