The Printed World
At Sézane, each season brings with it a collection of new prints. This week we welcome three new, colourful notes to our 'symphony' of the season. Discover the stories behind the motifs.

Les Fleurs Indiennes

A story told by Marine - Fabric designer  

This motif takes its inspiration from the traditional Indian printing techniques of block printing, which involves engraving a block of wood and using it as a stamp to print the fabric.

Wild Thing

A story told by Emilie - Print Expert

This is the print that split our design team, but that finally, we fell wholeheartedly for. In light cotton, we’ve transformed this bold look into two effortlessly wearable styles- a carefree, perfectly cut shirt and a statement-making maxi skirt.

Colour High

A story told by Irène - Director of Collections

In linen for its natural, rustic qualities. Contrasted with earthy tortoiseshell buttons. Or in cotton- for a thrill of lightness.  It’s time to bring colour back into our days.

Lady Lace

A story recounted by Luana - Embroidery Expert

Simple, efficient and resolutely feminine. It’s the little details that make the difference. Hand-stitched embroidery or timeless lace- this la délicatesse.


Introduced by Adeline - Head of Accessories

This Spring, I wanted vintage-inspired shoes. Our calfskin is embossed with a crocodile skin pattern for a unique look.
Our Marianne sandals are also finally available today- the best-selling style that outlasts seasons and trends.

Her inspiration:
My grandmother’s handbags. She still takes accessorising very seriously.

The Wednesday Release

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Our Pacey sweater is made from 100% organic cotton, which is less polluting to the environment because it requires little water and does not use genetically modified seeds or chemicals (which means it is safer for the soil and protects eco-systems).

To learn more about our sustainability commitments, visit our dedicated site.


Pacey sweatshirt


Available in Ecru / Multico

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In celebration of our the arrival of our spring pre-collection, our 'Appartements' have been transformed. Discover a world of secret gardens and lost paradises, and lose yourself for a while.

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