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In the end, we'll all become stories"
Margaret Atwood 

Welcome to the third edition of The French Way.

In last week's issue, we introduced you to our design team, the women who imagined our latest collection. This week, you'll meet the team behind the images. 

You'll also meet a new face, the formidable Afrodita (as iconic as her namesake), in 7 new looks curated by our editorial team. 

Welcome to our Image Team, and welcome to The French Way edition III.

The French Way 


La Définition 

Wound tightly within the story of our visual team, is a tale of experimentation, reinvention, failure and constant renaissance. We see Sézane as our 'masterpiece in progress', or at times, our beautiful mess. It's also an open conversation, the grit and tenor of which is defined by you. We want to get to know you better, so speak your mind using our new editorial address overtoyou@sezane.com and let's start the conversation. 


Making Sézane sing


Inside Sézane

From conception to execution, the editorial team create the vision of Sézane. From imaging and realizing the shoots, selection and editing of images, to their distribution to you, our team is driven by the desire to create beautiful content. Images that bring Sézane to life. 

Meet the women behind the images below. 


The faces behind the images


Le Vestiaire

Afrodita leads us in 7 looks, curated by our editorial team, to take you from Monday to Friday. Our ideal week. A week in which you're never late to work, you never spill coffee on your white shirt, where you seamlessly balance exercise, socialising, your family and work life. 

 Something like that. Bon, It doesn't matter really, because you'll look fabulous. 

Allez hop- it's already Wednesday! 

"I will sing of stately Aphrodite, gold-crowned and beautiful..."

The Wednesday Releases 

Nice to meet you Alfred! 
Our Alfred coat has finally joined us. The perfect transitional cover-up for this contrary season. 

Every Wednesday, we release and restock a selection of your favorite pieces from the Autumn Pre-collection. Below we've selected a few of our favorites this week. 


Quartier Libre

For the Coffee Table: 
Linda McCartney, Life in Photographs 
The rock and roll lifestyle of the sixties and seventies, immortalized by Linda's unpretenious photography. Spontaneous, joy-filled images of Aretha Franklin, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Simon & Garfunkel, and of course, Paul McCartney.

Influence Me:

Suprising color pairings and breathtaking architecture, all through a Wes Anderson lens. The instagram account we're scrolling through this week, which is also giving us a major dose of wanderlust.

In Our Ears: 
The Clientele: Suburban Light 
Perfect for grey fall days, and strolls in the rain. 


Casually curated culture 


On our coffee table: 
Lina McCartney,
Life in photographs 



Over to you

This week we’re responding to your questions about where our collections are made.
We go where the expertise and skills, relating to a specific craft are most acute, the places in which the art orginates. More than the "made in" we’ve always chosen to concentrate on the "made how".

Made in China 

​Silk in China: A Millennia of Expertise

We elect to manufacture many of our silk, and muslin pieces in China, because it’s the cradle of silk. China was the first country in the world to produce silk, and over thousands of years this expertise has been perfected. We carefully select workshops who work with this exceptional fibre.

​Portugal &  Morocco: Ancient hearts of leather tanning

For leather work, we naturally turn to Portugal and Morocco, ancient homes of tanning. We seek out the finest craftsmen, with the most beautiful leathers and the most masterful expertise. 

Read more about our choices here



Coucou London. 

To celebrate the opening of our first UK boutique, in the coming weeks we'll be bringing you a dedicated London edition of The French Way, exploring the long legacy of interwined tales between our two cities. 

In the meantime, do pop past and say hello. Discover our new collection in all its tactile beauty, and enter our Parisian universe (without forking our for a eurostar ticket). 

L'Appartement Sézane London
233 Westbourne Grove,
London W11 2SE, Royaume-Uni

A tale of two cities

Parlez-vous Sézane? 

Yes, our language is a little unique. We’re French brand, born from instinct and wild thoughts. We’ve put together a petit glossary, to guide you through our beautiful chaos...