the french way

the french way


Sézane is for all women with a French spirit- les femmes libres.

We’re for beautiful chaos, glorious failures. Celebrating the profound and the banal. Basic, fundamental sweetness- the very small pleasures that heighten the joy of living.
Born of female ingenuity, Sézane has always been a means through which we celebrate liberty ‘The French Way’.

We’ve evolved through an exchange of ideas, uninhibited creativity and instinct. Each week we’ll bring you fascinating voices with fresh perspectives-  on love, life and the unexpected.

Welcome to The French Way.

The French Way 


La définition: Renaissance

“Each new season represents a shift in moods, an evolution of sorts, yet this season is special. It marks the beginning of our renaissance, a return to our essence.  Sézane is nothing other than a story of life- that takes form, is tested, and reformed. It’s taken me years to finally tame the whirlwind that is Sézane, to grasp its essence. Welcome to Sézane, and to its home, Paris- the city of endless possibility and beauty. 

Welcome to the whirlwind that is Sézane, 
Morgane Sézalory

The French Way To Say: "It’s never too late to be whoever you want to be"


Find Love 

To mark our renaissance, we've chosen to reimagine our line of leather goods. "La maroquinerie" has been at the heart of Sézane since our origin as Les Composantes, and this autumn the story continues with reimagined ‘héritage’ pieces; leather goods designed to grow more beautiful with time- to become companions inséparable.

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The salt

Our launch begins with tales of wild love
It takes an extraordinary mix of courage, daring and optimism, to leave behind your country and all that you know in the pursuit of big love. Each week we recount tales of Franco-international couples who followed love across borders.

The salt. The word captures all that is fundamentally simple yet complex. Beautiful chaos, glorious failures. The sweetness and the sting.  Welcome to heart and soul of ‘The French Way’ a space for wild thoughts, challenging ideas and free dialogue. 



Nouvelle collection

Born on the streets of Paris, Sézane is coming home. From our studios on the rue saint-fiacre, our designs are a conversation with the city itself. Escape to Paris and challenge the codes of the feminine/masculine. Touch smooth velvet corduroy, in emboldening cuts. This is liberated, confident femininity, chérie! Experience Paris in bloom; flowers, an eternal inspiration, interpreted this fall in warm floral prints. Touch la vie en rose, la vie in softness and warmth, with our new knitwear essentials. From the city of iconic tales, write your own Parisian story. 

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Inside Sézane

From our studios on the rue saint-fiacre in Paris, our designs are a conversation with the city itself. Each week we bring you along to our beloved city. Come inside our studios in the 2nd arrondissement and meet the the human faces behind our collections. 

Stories from inside rue saint-fiacre


We're listening 

There really are no limits- you can contact us at any time for anything. We surround ourselves with profoundly human, joyous, caring, attentive people, who have a genuine desire to converse with our customers. Our customer service team have one golden rule: to answer everything. Don’t hesitate to send us your questions and each week we’ll publish our discussions here. Speak your mind at

Sézane is a living brand, born from free exchange of ideas. Free conversation. This spirit extends to you.